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Mark your calendar for Day Camp 2024!

June 24-28, 2024


Youth Leaders:

Youth Retreat Programs at Camp Paddy Run help ease the stressful planning!

Need a little help when planning your next outing or weekend retreat? Our Youth Retreat Program borrows from years of experience and proven programs. Not sure what to do for an entire weekend at Camp Paddy Run? Well, we do!


Our programs cover a variety of fun themes and give you ideas for lessons, games and other exciting activities. You will receive suggested menus, schedules and study materials as well.

We’ve chosen some of our most successful themes from past retreats and packaged them in a way that makes it easy to choose the retreat best suited for your group. We encourage creativity, team projects, group discussions, leadership and simply ‘being yourself’ while at Paddy Run.


Our goal is to bring as many youth as possible out to Paddy Run to begin or strengthen their journey with God…. AND…. we want to encourage youth leaders in any way we can!

For more information, please contact Amy Tubbs at

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